Phishing is one of the Hacking technique that hackers use to hack some one information or data.

Although internet is very useful for us but it also have some disadvantages. I want to ask some question before move-up:

Are you safe of internet?

Are you think that hackers only hack companies not individual?

Are you believe that no one can hack me?

If your answers is “Yes” then your are wrong.

We are not safe on internet because you not know which software or which link or which type of message is coming from hackers.

COVID-19 & Phishing :

Here we are going to talk about phishing that have access of use during lock down (COVID-19). Hackers are sending Emails and message with links on whats app, Facebook etc (other social media platform) about corona virus. They use there own website to hack the data of a user. The call to donate some money so that they can help corona virus patients.

When a user will click on the link they will direct on hacker website. Now He/She will put there credit card or emails,password etc to donate the money for needy people. Hackers will get these personal account information and will access your whole account. In this way a hacker can hack your site and this type of hacking is known as Phishing.

Phishing attack Example:

Recently i received a message from a hacker. Due to lock down many companies give offers to there customers to use some free data. Hackers get advantages of offers and trying to hack user by giving them a big offer with there hacking links.This website is fake and have not value in search engine.

free internet Phishing message example

When i click on this link i got some simple question. This website have only these phishing page to hack someone.There is no past visors history of these website.

In this diagram you can check that this website have .me extension which have zero value. Professional websites have only TLD domain like .com,.org,.online. Now it’s clear that this website is not professional and have spam content.

I have made Detail video on Phishing so that you can understand in better way. Just watch the video and let me know in comment.

Phishing Video: