Types of SEO:

As i already explain seo is way that help you to rank your website in search engine as google,bing yahoo etc. Here i will explain types of seo. There are four types of seo (search engine optimization).

  1. White hat SEO
  2. Black hat SEO
  3. Grey hat SEO
  4. Negative SEO
This diagram is representing types of seo
This diagram is representing types of seo

White hat SEO:

White hat seo is that way of optimizing your website where you follow all the guidelines of search engine. Search engine will be Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu,Yandex etc. White hat Seo is ethical and Organic seo.

This SEO process take some time to rank your website in search engine but this process give ranking for long time. Your website will be more valuable for search engine if you are doing white hat seo. The google algorithm update factors of ranking 500-600 times in a year.

In white hat seo we always follow the search engine rules by writing the unique content, user friendly content,using right keywords, relevant content, relevant backlinks etc.

Every seo content writer or companies recommended white hat seo. So use always white hat seo if you want to rank your website in search engine for long time without having any fear of penalty.

Black Hat SEO:

Black hat seo is totally opposite of white hat seo. It is that process of ranking website in which we don’t follow the guidelines of search engine. In this process we can rank our website in search engine in short time but we can not rank our website for long time.

In other words by using black hat seo we can get more traffic in short time but this will be dangerous for our website. There will be no value of our website for search engine if we are using black hat seo. Search engine can derank or block our website if we are using black hat seo.

There are different tactics are involved in black hat seo. These tactics are keyword stuffing,Content spinning, paid link, clocking etc.


Grey Hat SEO:

It is that types of seo which is combination of white hat seo and black hat seo. Grey hat seo is not out in the guidelines of search engine but this tactics still consider risky for website.

For example if you have article that is not more valuable for user and you are encouraging user by creating attractive image or thumbnail or creating some useful content to increase ctr ( click through rate). Others examples are exchanging backlinks,paying for reviews etc.

Negative SEO (Types of seo):

Negative seo is that tactics in which people use black hat seo or grey hat seo in competitor websites. The purpose of negative seo is to derank competitor website and rank own website in search engine.

For example giving negative reviews, hacking the website and modifying content,stealing their content, unethical backlinks to a competitor website all these tactics consider as negative seo.