Social Media Optimization:

Increasing the traffic/sales/awareness of a website or brand is known as Social media optimization.


Promoting the business using social network is called social media optimization.

Advantages of Social media Optimization:

1) Relevant Users:

Yes, you can get relevant user.

Relevant user mean that if you have a website on technology you can find users that are interesting in technology on social media platform. Finding the ideal user or relevant user are more important for your business. If your business on garments product then finding the users that are interested in garments is much necessary. So you can find the relevant user of your business using the social networking site.

2) Fast Traffic:

Yes, You can get faster traffic on website.

If you have profiles on social platforms then you can get fast traffic for your website. For this you need to put your website link on that profiles. The more will be the followers on profiles of social platform you will get more traffic. The more followers mean more advantages. If you have high number of followers then you are doing a good social media optimization.

3) No limitation:

There are no limit for posting on social media and getting traffic from social media. You can get traffic from social media as you wish or as you can. Doing Social media optimization is great way to increase traffic for your business.

Is Social media optimization is helpful for SEO?

All social media platforms give no follow back links. It’s mean social media helps to increase traffic. In case of SEO only Do follow back links helpful. So social media play not more role in SEO but they are very helpful to increase traffic or brand awareness.

Social media platforms:

There are lots of social media platform that you can use for social media optimization. Here we will talk only top 6 social media platforms.

Social media optimization


Facebook is the best social platform to increase your business awareness or traffic. There are 2.37 Billion active user of Facebook. Imagine strength of Facebook.

You can increase traffic by using Facebook accounts profile,pages and groups. A Facebook page is very important for your business. The page make on your website or business name. You can share all details of your business and remain in touch with users. Share links of your website on the page and update users about your business.

You can also create group for your business. Give name of the group based on your website name. This will also help to increase website traffic and user will interaction with your business.


YouTube have 1.8 billion user of every month. it is not only social media platform but also a second largest search engine. You can use YouTube to increase awareness of your business. By Creating video content on your business for you-tube you can get more traffic for your business.


Instagram have 1 billion user. You can use Instagram to increase traffic for your business. Instagram is mobile app and you get more bani fits from that user which are using mobile phone. Make profile on Instagram and share you business with your followers. The more followers more you getting traffic and more advantages.


The average user of twitter are about 330 million. Mostly professional peoples are exiting to this platform. If you want to make your business broad then using the twitter is necessary for you.

Now create twitter account and make profile on your business name. Give update of your business to user. Making the followers is important for social media optimization. Remain in touch with users and share your content so that user can interject with your business.

Link din:

Link din is also a professional platform. People mostly use this platform to find the jobs. Link din have 260 million active users.

You need to create account on Link din and make a professional profile and page of your business. Share things on this platform that people like to read. Make followers and share your businesses with your followers.

Pint rest:

Pint rest have 291 million users.It is best platform for getting traffic for you website or business. Here as in Facebook we do posts,in twitter instead of post word tweet is using. In case of pent-rest people pins the content. Just like Facebook it is also a amazing social platform.

You need to create pint rest account and pin your content on this platform. Make followers and get more traffic from pint rest.

You can also use other social platform as Snap chat, we chat,Tumbler,Q zone etc.

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