SEO/Search engine optimization:

SEO mean search engine optimization. It is a process in which you can get more traffic for your website by getting rank in search engine like google,Bing etc. SEO is a free method to getting organic or relevent traffic from search engines.

Suppose you have a website or a blog and you have lot of content in your website or blog. Now you want traffic or audience in your website or blog, SO that you can get benefits from website. As you know very well that if you have a website or blog and not getting any visitors on your website, Then your website will be useless. In other words a website or blog without having visitors is useless.

How to get traffic?

Traffic mean those users or visitors that are landing on your website or blog . More the traffic more you will get benefits. There are some ways to get traffic in your website:

  • Free Organic traffic
  • Paid Traffic
  • Referral traffic
  • Direct traffic
  • Social traffic
seo-search engine optimization diagram

Free Organic Traffic:

Organic traffic is those visitors that are coming on your website from search engine. Suppose you have a website or post about mobile phone then if some one is searching mobile phone in search engine maybe your website will rank top in this keyword. Once your website rank a keyword then definitely user will click on your website and will land on your site .

These type of traffic that are coming naturally from search engine is known as organic traffic. This traffic is free and valuable traffic for your website. If your website seo is strong then definitely you will rank in search engine without having strong seo you can not get traffic from search engine. So SEO is more important if you want organic traffic from search engine like google, bing etc.

Paid Traffic:

Paid traffic is an other way to get traffic in your website in which website owner spend money to get traffic. You can run ad or advertise your website in google and Youtube using google adward. Here owner of website will pay google as cost per click.Google will show your website to those people that you will target.

There are different alternative way of advertizing or run ad. In facebook you can advertise your website by paying to facebook. You can also use more social media platform for advertizing as twitter,instagram,linkedin etc.

Referral traffic:

Referral traffic is that traffic which are coming on your website by reference. If you have a link of your website in other website or social media platforms, then those visitor that are landing on your website by clicking on that link(which is placed on other websites) will be considered as referral visitors or referral traffic.

Direct traffic:

If visitors are landing on your website by searching domain of your website then these type of traffic will be Direct traffic.

Social Traffic:

That traffic which are coming from social media in your website is called social traffic, There are two types of Social traffic.

  • Paid traffic
  • Unpaid traffic

Suppose you have a page of your website in facebook and your are uploading your website content or link in this page. Visitors will click on link and will land on your website these type of traffic is unpaid traffic because you are not paying for this traffic.

If you are advertising your website on social media as facebook,twitter etc, Then more people will reach in your content when these people click on your website or blog url then will land on your website these traffic is paid traffic because you are paying to social media.

SEO/Search engine optimization techniques:

SEO have three important techniques to get high rank in search engine or improve position in search engine google,bing,yahoo etc.

  1. Technical SEO
  2. On page SEO
  3. Off page SEO

Technical S-E-O:

Technical seo is a process in which we optimize our website in such a way that search engine crawl or index website easily or in better way without any problem. By using this technique we can secure our website. Following things are included is technical seo:

  1. SSL certificate
  2. Http to Https
  3. Robot.txt
  4. Xml sitemap
  5. Enabling AMP
  6. Speed up website
  7. Fix Duplicate issue
  8. Publishing website in google search console,Bing,Yahoo etc
  9. Mobile friendly
  10. User friendly

On page SEO:

Those things in SEO which we are doing by using our own website is known as on page SEO. In on page seo we are doing title optimization, Meta description,keyword density, Image seo,internal link etc. In other words on page SEO mean making website structure user friendly and search engine friendly.

Off Page SEO:

The process of creating backlinks is considered as off page seo. Backlink is a link of your website (domain url,page url,post url) that is place on other website or other platforms. Backlinks are most important have more value. Most people consider that backlin are the backbone of SEO.