Selling images:

There are lots of people who love capturing natural views,food and product images but they not know they can earn 10000$+ by Selling images.

Here i’m going to explain how to earn by selling your images online. There are lots of websites that are giving opportunities to sale images on their platforms. But before this you need to keep in mind some important things that are required before sealing a image.


Which things are required in image Selling:

There are lots of things which are necessary for a photo. Here will talk about some important things.

*File format :

Most image selling websites allow Images in JPEG’s and TIFF Format.But i recommend to submit your image in JPEG’s format. So make sure image that you are going to submit is JPEG format otherwise your image will be rejected.

*Color profile:

Most images on the internet are in sRGB Color. So you need to convert your image into sRGB before uploading image on image selling websites because image selling also recommend sRGB.

*File Size and Dimensions:

Image Size is an important factor in image selling websites. If your image size is less than 4 MP (Megapixels) then your image will be rejected. Make sure your image size is 4 Mp or more than 4 Mp. The maximum size for images(JPEG’s) is 50 MB and for EPS is 100 MB that you can upload using browser.

If you want to calculate image size in megapixels you need to multiply Width(A) with height (B).

For Example:

2000×2400 Px =4.8 Megapixels

This size is acceptable for most of image selling websites.

1200 × 3000 Px =  3.6 megapixels

This size is not acceptable.

Selling images online watch video:


Quality Image:

The quality of image is important for getting more download. For this you need a good camera. If you have a cell phone with high quality camera then you can click with your cell phone. Otherwise you can buy DSLR for high quality image.

Which images you need to Click:

Companies or user mostly buy ads to run different ads. You need to click those images that can be used in ads. According my research most companies buy product images. So you can click product images as cell phone,accessory, fruits etc.

Top Selling Websites to sell photo Online:

  1.  Your Own Website
  2.   Shutter stock
  3.   Adobe Stock
  4.   Ala-my
  5.   Etsy
  6.   Fotomoto
  7.   Crestock
  8.  500px
  9.  Snapped4u
  10.  Photo Shelter

Your Own Website:

Yes, you can make your own Selling image website, where you can sell your photo.  If you have site for selling image then you can set your own price for each image.But if you have your own image selling website then you need to work hard to rank your site in search engine or to build authority of your website.

Shutter Stock:

It is a platform where you can sell your image. This platform is free to join. You need to just create account on shutter stock and start uploading images on this platform. The more your image will downloaded more you will earn. In start your download rate will be low but 500$ threshold you can earn 2 to 5$ per download. Once your earning reach in 35$ then you can withdraw your payment.

Another website where you can sell images are 500 px,photo shelter,crestock,Photo Shelter, Etsy etc.

Create Shutter stock account and sell photo online: