Question and Answer Website:

Question and answer websites are quick way to get high traffic on a website or a blog. There are lots of questions answer websites on internet,where Some people are asking question and some are giving there best answers.
You can also participate in these websites to drive traffic your own website. It’s very simple to join these question answering website. But before creating profile just look on the advantages of these websites.

  • You can drive high traffic
  • Targeted audience
  • Increase Brand awareness
  • Audience attraction
  • Long Time traffic

How to make effective profile:

First you need to search that website (Quora, etc). After that click to signup. Now you process of profile making start.
Keep this thing in mind during profile creation:

  • Use your real name
  • Write a effective description
  • Use your on profile (if possible )
  • Enter your website or channel url
  • Add your interest or add categories (must)
  • Add Education

Question and answers Websites:

There are different question and website where you can profile by giving answers can get high traffic on blog. But here i will explain 5 Q&A websites.

01) Quora:

Quora is best platform where you can get high & unlimited traffic. The layout of quora is very simple and easy to use. It is knowledge sharing platform where worldwide people share information in the form of questions ,answers,comments,images etc.
How to create Profile in Quora:
It simple to create profile in Quora. Just search Quora in google. After that click on signup button and complete all details as i explain above. Your profile will look as:

Quora question and answers profile
After that you need to find questions relevant your category and give answers.You need to put a link of your website to create back links and drive traffic on  blog or site.

02) is another platform from where you can get backlinks & traffic by answering the other questions just like quora. You need to create profile following steps that i explain up.

After that give valuable answers to get high traffic for your site.
03) is another platform where from where you can drive traffic to your site. Create your profile and start working with to get traffic. profile image
Another platform of Question and answers. Just create profile, add interest. This platform is another best platform after Quora where you can drive traffic.
05) Stackoverflow:
Stockoverflow also a platform where different people are sharing there knowledge.You can also participate.First you need to create profile( real name,interest etc) and start sharing your knowledge with other to increase awareness of your brand.


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