Install Bitnami WordPress On Localhost:

There are different software xampp ,wamp, Bitnami etc.But here i will explain how can you install using Bitnami WordPress on PC .

First step is go on Google  and search Bitnami. After that click on first link that appear in google. You will find a screen as shown in below.



Now you need to click on Applications as i shown in figure. Once you click on application then new screen will opened. Now scroll down you will find a screen as shown below.


After clicking on win/mac/Linux You will find three option as in figure. Now click on window as i circle in fig,add your google account and click agree with there privacy policy. Now your Bitnami software will start to download.


It will take some time to download depend on your system and internet. Once downloading is complete then click on open.

Start Installing Bitnami WordPress:

When you click open after downloading the bitnami software you will find option of adding language. Now select language and click next. After that click again on next and now give name the where you want to save bitanmi WordPress.

Now by clicking on next button you will find login account section as in figure.



In admin account Enter your real name full name and email address.After that add your login name and Password. Login name and Password are  used for login to word press dashboard after complete installation of your WordPress.

Note: Use password that contain latter and Numbers

Once you enter your login name and password click on next. Now you will find some digits 81,71 etc just click on next. Now you will find a option of blog Name as shown below.


Blog name is title of your website or WordPress blog. Enter your website name that you want to make and click on next. After that you will find the option of mail support remain un tick if you not want mail support otherwise you can tick to get support and click on next. Now again click on next.Now your setup is ready to install. It will take some time to complete.


Once this process is complete click on Lunch Bitnami WordPress and Click on finish. By click on finish you will get new screen of congratulations. Now your Bitnami WordPress is installed.


Now Click on Access WordPress. When you click on Access WordPress you will see your website Preview as shown.


How To get WordPress Dashboard?

If you want to go to dashboard you need to enter wp-admin after domain name.For example in local host you will find link on top localhost.wordpress or 127.1.81.Wordpress. Just put slash ( /) after domain name and enter wp-admin. For example localhost.wordpress/wp-admin. After that click enter you will got login section as shown below.

Word press-Login-image

Now enter those login your information that you add during installing WordPress on pc and click on login. Now you will get your dashboard, Congratulations.


Watch Video of installing Bitnami WordPress: