Guest Posting OR Guest blogging :

The writing the post or article on else website is called guest Posting or guest Blogging. There are lots of websites are available on internet where we can participate as a guest posting.

Why we do Guest Posting?

We wrote guest post on other websites to get a backlink. As i already explain about backlinks, Which are consider as a vote for a website. By getting the quality backlinks we can get a strong vote for our website that will help to rank our site. Backlinks of guest posting are do follow backlinks which are helpful for both seo view of point and for getting traffic for websites.

How to select a Website or Blog for Guest Posting?

Choosing the best website or blog for guest blogging is most important part of guest blogging. Keep in mind these thing before guest posting.

01) Relevant Website:

Relevant websites are those websites which resemble or relevant to your website. For example if you have a blog or website on science then find blog for guest blogging which is on science. Finding the relevant website for posting is first step of guest posting.

2) Quality Websites:

I always believe on quality backlinks, because a quality backlink is more powerful than 50 quantity backlink. For quality backlink you need to first find the quality website for guest posting. First step is finding the relevant website after that cheek the PA (page authority) and DA (domain authority) of that website. If a website have DA and PA more than 60 than you can participate on that website as a guest posting.

3) Spam Score :

Checking the SS ( Spam score) of that website is also important part of guest posting. Just cheek the spam score ( search spam score checker tool on google), If the spam score is more than 1% then don’t do guest blogging on that website.

guest posting or guest blogging

Techniques to do Guest Posting:

There are lots of which are necessary to do best guest posting. Keep in mind these things and do best work.

  1. Be Polite: The way of talking to someone is most important in every filed. During guest Blogging when you talk or chat with influencer Use words as Sir, Thank you,owner, pleasure etc. It will be more effective If you know about local language of that person then talk with that language . In short your attitude and behavior can impress or disappoint that person.
  2. Don’t Be afraid: There are lots of people that can do best but they have lack of confidence. Because of this they afraid to do something. No one is perfect in this world so be confident and start your work. Don’t worry about the response of that person just ask them.
  3. Write a quality content : Writing the quality content is also important part of guest posting. Wrote a good content for guest blogging to approve that post. Don’t wrote that content which is already exist on that blog.
  4. Try Again or Be persistent : Once you send message for guest blogging the response of that message will depend on owner of that website. It also depend on the message that yo send. If you have not got any response from that person don’t worry and don’t stop send message on other websites to do guest posting.
  5. Good looking blog: Don’t wrote ugly content. A layout of a article or post is most important in posting. Put proper headings,mange density,images etc for a good looking article.

How to contact with Influencer?

Now after selecting website where you want to do guest blogging, go in about us or contact us section. You will got owner email of that website. After that you need to send a polite message .

For example:

HI Sir!

I am really impressed with your blog posts, It’s really good and you

managing it very well.

I would like to submit my post on your blog as a guest post with my website link. Mostly i create about technical education and science but i’m interested other subject too. Please let me know if you accepting guest posts for free.I’m ready to discuss my content with you. I promise you with unique and 100% Free plagiarism content.

I’m looking forward to get you kind reply:)

Thank you

Your name

So, you can send message for guest posting. When you got response from that person wrote a content and add 2-3 links to your own website.

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