Facebook Page:

A facebook page is a profile of your, your brand, product and organization. Facebook Page profile is different from your personal profile. In Personal Profile you add your friends and In face-book page profile people will like or follow your profile or your page.

In other words you consider face-book page as shop or channel. If you have not created facebook page you can create your facebook page.

There are different ways to earn from Face-book page but here i will discuss Five Top ways to earn from face-book page.

  1. Monetize Your Facebook Page
  2. Earn through Affiliate Marketing
  3. Promote your Products
  4. Get Traffic for website or youtube
  5. Manage Client campaign

Monetize Your Facebook Page:

If you have a facebook page where you are uploading videos then you can monetize your face-book page just like youtube channel.Every search engine or platform have there on rules. Face-book page mozinizing rules are different from youtube rules. If you want to monetize your face-book page then it is necessary to follow monetizing rules of face-book, When you will be eligible for monetizing you page by following face-book ad break rules then your page will be monetized

You can earn money from facebook ad break if you meet the following criteria:

  1. Publish video on a page that you want to monetize.Don’t Publish on personal profile.
  2. Your video must have duration of 3- MInutes.
  3. You must have 30,000 + 1 minute views: In 3- minutes long video you must have 30,000 one minute views in last 60 days. If you have a video more then 3 minutes that’s good but make sure your video must reach at least 3-minutes duration.
  4. If you want to monetize your page then 10,000 followers are necessary on your page.
  5. Facebook page monetization is not available for all languages and countries.Its allow some countries and languages.
  6. Make sure your page follow the community guidelines.The content which is consisted on hate speech, sexual,etc will not eligible for monetization.

Earn through Affiliate Marketing by facebook page:

Affiliate Marketing is that way of earning in which you are promoting other persons product or Services. You don’t have your own products. If Some one buy product of that person because of you,then you get paid. An other words if you generate sales for that company you will get commission.

You can earn through affiliate marketing by using facebook page.For this first you need to go the website or person website.The most famous websites for affiliate marketing are Amazon,Ebay,Alibaba,daraz etc. After that you need to create affiliate link of that product or services in which you want to generate sales. Once you generate affiliate link then you need to publish that link on face-book page.

Now if someone click on that link will go to your company website from where have created affiliate link. If this person buy something you will get paid or commission. The more people buy product the more you get commission.

Promote your Products on facebook page:

If you have products and you want to sale online then through facebook page you can sale your product. For this first you need to create a face-book page. Select your page category as product. It will be best if your page name is based on your product. You can sale different products as t-shirts,shoes,electronics,watches etc.

Now you need to promote your product you can share these products with your friends and groups. An other way to promote products is run ad of that product by using facebook ad manger. You can target audience by selecting the age, gender and location. Now depends up to your product that either your product is for man or women or for both.

Once you run ad of that product peoples will reach on that product will buy your product. So in this way using face-book page you can sale your product.

Get Traffic for website or youtube:

If you have a youtube channel or have a website then facebook page is necessary for you. Make face-book page on your channel or website name. Then share link of article or youtube video on that page. Now depends up to your face-book page, more followers you have on page more will you get traffic for you channel or website. It is the best source to getting the more social traffic in your website or youtube.

Manage Client campaign :

If you know very will how to create ad on facebook page and how to mange campaign then you can use this skill on freelancing (Fiver,upwork,freelancer,etc) platforms. You need to create your profile on that platform after that offer your services. In fiver you need to create gig, in freelancer you first need to create a profile after that send proposal to client or take part in contest. Your client will hire you to mange facebook ad campaign instead of you will get paid.