Black hat seo techniques :

As we already discussed that what is black hat seo. In Simple words black hat seo, is the type of seo in which we don’t follow the guidelines of search engine.This type of seo is harmful for our website or blog.In order to avoid black hat seo you must have to be well aware about black hat seo techniques.

There are are many Black hat seo factors or techniques but we will discuss most important here.

  1. Keyword stuffing
  2. Content Spinning
  3. Cloaking
  4. Scraped Content
  5. Hidden text
  6.  Hidden Links
  7. Footer links from affiliates
  8. Linking Over optimized
  9. Doorway pages
  10. Heading over optimized
black hat seo technique diagram

Keyword Stuffing :

It is a old technique which is use more in 2000. The overload of keywords in article is known as keyword stuffing. In simple word if you are using a keyword again and again in your article then you are doing keyword stuffing.

For example if i want to write about seo then i will wrote like this. Seo mean search engine optimization. Seo play main role in optimizing website. The seo is consider as more powerful for website. Here i repeat seo again and again which is considered as keyword stuffing.

If you are doing keyword stuffing then your article will look ugly or unnatural.This will be harmful for your website. Google search console can detect these black hat technique then your website or blog will penalized or blocked. So be careful about this technique don’t do keyword stuffing if you want to rank your site for long time and by following guidelines of search engine.

Content Spinning :

It is that black hat seo technique in which user use some tools to spin the content. After spinning the content user use this content in website or blog.

For example if a user have a website or blog but don’t have content for website. Now if a user copy the content from other websites and spin these content by using spinning tools .There are many spinning tools which changes some words of content into new words and generate new content. Now user will use this content in own website without doing any hard work. These type Technique consider as black seo technique which is harmful for website.

black hat seo infographics

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Cloaking in black hat seo :

Clocking is that process of black hat seo in which content creator create content for user different and for crawler different. For example if a content creator want to write a article on “freelancing” but he don’t know about freelancing. Now he will use clocking by writing some ugly content for user. After that he will create content for crawler by using freelancing in title, heading and repeating this keyword (freelancing) in paragraphs to manage the keyword density. Now content for both user and for crawler is ready.

When a user reach on this page they will found irrelevant content that will be not beneficial for them. They will leave negative review and will not spend time on the page. So the bounce rate will be increase that will be harmful for website. Search will penalized or block the website.

Another example of clocking:

As we know that google crawler can’t read the image. We are using alt tags for image so that google can understand about the image. If we are putting alt tags that is not representing the image then we are doing clocking. In this way we are creating different content for user and different for crawlers.

Hidden text in black hat seo:

If the color of theme and text will same then text will be hide for user but crawler can read that text. This technique is known as hidden text. This is black hat seo technique which is harmful for website and block. The purpose of using hidden text is to optimized content by increasing the keyword density.

Hidden links:

If someone using links on hidden text then links will be disappeared for user but still crawler can read the links. This is also a black hat technique. The purpose of hiding the links is to create more backlinks for website which will be irrelevant.

Footer links from affiliates :

If you want connect your website with google adsense then google not allow you to link with other companies. If you’re still doing that then google adsense will disabled your website. So don’t use affiliate link in order to safe website.

Linking Over optimized:

Optimizing website by create over unethical link was a old black hat seo technique. Where some peoples create number of website then gives the backlinks each other. This trick was useful when google crawler was not more advance. Now google crawlers are more strong then before. If your are using this technique now your website will be penalized. Buying link and selling links are also black hat seo technique.

Doorway pages in Black hat seo:

Doorway pages is a black hat seo technique to optimizing a website for a particular keyword by using clocking. When user land on that page they will found the content which will not have any connection with that keyword or Query. The purpose of using this technique is to optimizing website with unethical way.

In 2015 google launched a new penalty algorithm for those website which are using Doorway page technique.

Heading over optimized:

We know that we can use H1 heading once in a article. This heading will be the main heading of that page. If someone using that heading twice in a article then it will be violation of google guidelines. I will recommend to use H1 heading only one time in a page or post.

Scraped Content :

Scraped content is that content which is stealing from other website and after changing some words putting in own website.This type of content will dangerous for your website because google crawler can check scraped content and will penalized your website.

The purpose of this article is not to giving you ideas of black hat seo. I want to help you that what is difference between black seo and white seo. Now you will be well aware about black hat seo technique.I will suggest you that don’t use black hat seo always use White hat seo if you want to rank your website in search engine for long time.